Dermal Fillers (Restylane & Teosyal)

Enhance, Define, Volumize.

Dermal fillers are a gel-substance injected into soft tissue under the skin to volumize, enhance or define facial features such as lips, cheeks, chin and jawline. The dermal fillers used at our clinic are hyaluronic acid based – a hydrating substance found naturally in the body. Injecting hyaluronic acid can decrease the appearance of wrinkles as well as provide structure and volume to the face and lips.

What to Expect

Before any injections, our nurse will always complete a full consultation to determine the patient’s goals and discuss their treatments option. Dermal filler appointments are booked for 60 minutes and include a thorough consultation and numbing of the area. Results will be seen immediately, however swelling may be present for up to two weeks following injections.

Dermal Lip Chin Cheek Fillers North York Toronto

Unique, just like you.

Cosmetic injectables are not one-size-fits-all. Every face is unique, and we pride ourselves in working with each and every client to acheive their unique goals. During your initial consultation we will conduct a thorough assessment and discuss your concerns and expectations. No two treatments are identical in our practice, and the results we achieve are tailored in a way that will enhance YOUR unique beauty and make you feel your best!


  • DOWNTIME: 1-3 days, bruising and swelling is common.
  • DISCOMFORT LEVEL: Minimal (1-3), a topical numbing cream is applied
  • RESULTS LAST: Varies by treatment area, from 4 months to 18+ months
  • SESSIONS REQUIRED: Varies by treatment area, 1-2 is typical.


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