Botox Treatments Available in North York

Subtle, natural treatment for your crow’s feet and forehead.

If you are feeling self-conscious about your crow’s feet, frown lines or forhead wrinkles – you aren’t alone! Over time, our facial expressions and motions pull at the skin and leave us with lines and creases, which become increasingly visible as our skin loses elasticity with age. Thankfully, wrinkle relaxers (also referred to as neuromodulators) such as Dysport and Botox, offer you subtle, natural and remarkably effective treatment – eliminating or reducing these signs of aging without leaving you looking “stiff” or frozen.

In addition to smoothing frustrating wrinkles, Dysport  & Botox can also be used in a number of additional popular applications, including jawline slimming, treating excessive sweating, jaw grinding as well as for the treatment of migraines.

How Does It Work?

Dysport and Botox are made from botulinum toxin, which blocks the communication between nerves and muscles which inhibits muscle contraction. In other words, it relaxes muscles. The use of certain facial muscles over time can cause deep lines and wrinkles in our skin. By targeting specific muscle with Botox or Dysport, we relax those muscles and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The most common muscles treated are those of the frown and forehead, but there are quite a few other areas that can be treated with Botox for fresh and youthful results that you’ll love!

Botox Dysport Treatments North York Toronto

Unique, just like you.

Through a personal consultation, we will walk you through how wrinkle relaxers can be an integral part of your anti-aging treatment plan. The treatment is comfortable and efficient, often taking only 10 to 20 minutes; allowing you to return to your day without inconvenience. Your results begin to appear in the 5-7 days following treatment, with your maximum result becoming visible after approximately 2 weeks.

Your refreshed appearance will last between 3 to 4 months, but each patient’s longevity may vary. To ensure optimal results and maintenance, we encourage you to visit quarterly for follow-up treatments.


  • TREATMENT DURATION: 10-20 minutes
  • DOWNTIME: None
  • DISCOMFORT LEVEL: Minimal (0-2)
  • RESULTS LAST: 3 to 4 months
  • SESSIONS REQUIRED: Maintenance every 3-4 months


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