Rejuvenate your skin from within.

Microneedling offers you a proven, non-invasive way to rejuvenate your skin from within. An incredibly effective solution for acne scars, fine lines, enlarged pores and stretchmarks – microneedling works by creating microscopic punctures in the skin using ultra fine, sterile needles. As your body heals these wounds, you produce more collagen – the key to restored, glowing skin. Through this healing process, you refresh your appearance while minimizing signs of aging and reducing blemishes.

How Does It Work?

Our highly trained specialists are experts at administering comfortable and effective microneedling treatments. To begin, we will apply a topical anesthetic to ensure your total comfort. We will then use a series of tiny needles to gently puncture the skin in the area being treated, stimulating your body’s natural healing response and encouraging your skin to produce more collagen.

Following a personalized consultation, Mushka will apply a topical anaesthetic to ensure maximum comfort. Using our microneedling pen, tiny needles gently puncture the skin to stimulate your body’s healing process and rejuvenation. We may follow-up your treatment with essential nutrients such as hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C to boost and hydrate your skin, while promoting effective healing.

Unique, just like you.

Your microneedling results will flourish and improve over time and after several sessions. With no downtime, you can return to your day right away; keeping in mind we recommend avoiding the sun immediately following treatment, and to refrain from using retinol-based skincare products to maximize your healing process and encourage the best outcome possible.


  • TREATMENT DURATION: 30-60 minutes
  • DOWNTIME: None
  • DISCOMFORT LEVEL: Minimal (Redness for 1-3 days)
  • RESULTS LAST: Permanent
  • SESSIONS REQUIRED: Varies by patient, generally 3-6 sessions every 4 to 6 weeks


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